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This report is the result of the information transferred and entered by the User of the Package Selection Software.

HITACHI assumes no kind of liability regarding the data and information entered in the Software in relation to:

- The static part of the Software that, through preset parameters, includes the information required to carry out and make the calculations corresponding to each project.

- This information merely includes the parameters for the preparation of the report in line with the model designed by and with the knowledge of Hitachi, without this implying any kind of guarantee for the user regarding the precision and reliability of the results of the report.

Hitachi is not liable for the failure to include any legal aspects that may correspond or be necessary according to current law.

- The dynamic part of the Software, which is the result of the information entered by the Software User in response to said parameters. The User is on all accounts exclusively liable for the contents of the information entered in these parameters.

The Software and the issuing of this report are merely a tool to assist the User in the planning and implementation of the project of reference.



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